It is almost impossible to imagine life today without borrowing money. Everything becomes more expensive, fixed costs must be paid, recession or no recession. Then it is no fun for the average person to start paying expensive interest. It may also be that one is not eligible for a loan from a bank for one reason or another. Depending on the amount of the required amount, there are always other ways to borrow money.

A private individual is, after the bank, the most obvious option.

A private individual is, after the bank, the most obvious option.

You can look up so-called scholarships via the internet, where people offer the possibility of borrowing money at interest rates determined by them. In most cases these interest rates are lower than at the bank. People earn something in this way and thereby offer you the opportunity to borrow more favorable money through a personal loan. So you do not have a credit check and you pay less interest. On the other hand, there is the disadvantage that it entails reliability risks. That is why it is important to record the agreements in writing.

The easiest way is still to borrow money from family or friends.

The easiest way is still to <a href=borrow money from family or friends.” />

You then have the advantage that there are no checks attached to it, people trust you and want to help you. In this case you do not pay high interest rates, in fact none. The only drawback to this is the conscience. Many people feel bad about going to relatives for money. And then also the time it takes to pay it back. The pressure to get money to, for example, give your aunt the money back is higher than if you just have to pay it back to a bank.

Pawnshops are a not too often seen but good way to borrow money if the amount you need is not too high. If you have treasures of high value at home in the basement, you can take them to a pawnshop and get the money for it. You can decide for yourself whether you want the items back, and therefore ultimately have to pay back the amount, or not, if it was not of too great an emotional value.

Borrowing money without a bank is possible in various ways.

Borrowing money without a bank is possible in various ways.

If your situation permits, and you have a good relationship with your boss, you can consider asking for an advance on your wage. As a result, you may have lost your money worries temporarily, and you will be a little better in terms of finances next month so that it does not matter that you have less wages that month.

If you are really creative and adventurous, you can consider the still unknown and new crowdfunding. Here you can let people know on social media sites what you are planning to do with a certain amount, and how you can repay this money to people. Based on this, people can decide if they can support you with a small amount. They are only small amounts and it is not going at a rapid pace, so ideal for small amounts.

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